4 September 2018
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4 September 2018, Comments: 0

We all know that Indonesia has a large and profitable investment opportunity, therefore we will discuss How to invest in Indonesia. If we want to invest in Indonesia, we should know the rules and procedures that must be taken before deciding to invest in Indonesia.
In case about How to invest in Indonesia, we must know that several types of companies exist in Indonesia
First is the local company, this company is commonly called Limited Liability Company / Perseroan Terbatas (PT)
Then the second is PT PMA (Foreign Investment / Penanaman Modal Asing), or Foreign Direct Investment as a Limited Liability Company.
The third is the Commanditaire Vennootschap / Perseroan Komanditer (CV) Company.
To open a PT PMA (Foreign Investment) Company must have 2 local people as the founders. PT PMA requirements are as follows:
• Copy of Article of Association (Articles of Association) of Foreign Companies including their addresses [if shareholders of a Foreign Legal Entity]
• Copy of the passport of a foreign shareholder including an overseas address
• Office building lease agreement
• Copy of Identity (KTP / Passport) member of Director and Commissioner
• Copy of KTP + NPWP for Indonesian share holders
• Certificate of Domicile from the Building Manager, if it is in the Building
• Fill in the Form of Establishment of PT. PMA

That is the discussion about how to invest in Indonesia and open PT PMA which must be known before starting to invest or open a company in Indonesia.

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